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Plugin to lift your sales online by 80%

Plugin to lift your sales online by 80%


Like in any business, the building blocks play the most essential role in the elevation of the online business. Plugins play that role for e-commerce businesses. There are always thousands of plugins in WordPress or Woocommerce or Shopify that help you in growing your WordPress or Shopify website or store: to increase your audience and convert them into your clientele or to elevate your sales.


How to Lift-Up??

DBargain is an ecommerce plugin designed to attract and convince the viewer to buy your product at any cost. The team behind DBargain has studied the reasons behind viewers not turning into potential buyers and the main reason we found after research is the price of the product not suiting the price they are willing to pay for.

With this new ecommerce plugin not only the clientele is built, but the seller also benefits from selling the product with good profit margins. The strategy used by the team behind DBargain is to create a medium for the negotiations between the customer and the online store.


Let’s Do it!!!

With the above process of the Dbargain plugin, neither side remains unsatisfied after the deal is made- thus promising the next deal in line with the same client. After all, the goal of any online business is to make good clientele, loyal customers, and achieve all that with good profit margins that help the online store as well. With the installation of DBargain for your Woo-Commerce-based WordPress website, all of these are achieved in a single go.

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